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About the Vikramgad Bamboo Udyog Producer Company Limited

Welcome to the Vikramgad Bamboo Udyog Producer Company Limited. We are an OFPO (Off Farmers Producer Organisation) registered under the companies act. 

Our brand Bamboo First indicates our single-minded focus on the bamboo economy and the logo depicts the cross-section of a bamboo shoot with Warli (our tribe) art inside it showing women working on bamboo signifying a new green revolution that has taken place and today stands as a start-up brand named Bamboo First. 

Scroll down to read more about our incredible story and the change in our life and times with highly motivating life lessons learnt from our mentors

Our story

Our story is as recent as it is old. From being the ancient plant revered for its qualities of positivity, strength and endurance bamboo has come a long way along with our civilizational journey.

Back in the year 2004, our visionary former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee had hinted at the significance of this magnificent plant and its amazing qualities. He had foreseen the tremendous economic value of bamboo and its products in his inaugural speech at the seventh World Bamboo Congress held at New Delhi in February 2004.

The visionary leader had then propheised that the humble bamboo plant with over 1500+ documented uses had the potential to lift millions out of poverty and had the potential to contribute Rs 16000 crore to the economy by the year 2007. 

Things continued as governments switched over time. In 2014 another visionary Prime Minister took the reins of governance and gave the nation the mantra of atmanirbharta (self reliance). In the meantime our mentor organization Keshav Srushti was constantly working on rural development with the Keshav Srushti Gram Vikas Yojana making inroads for rural development with solar-powered irrigation for farmer empowerment. 

By 2017 KSGVY took the initiative of bringing the visionary words of PM Vajpayee into action and created the framework and roadmap of Project Green Gold. Under this program a group of underprivileged tribal women from 5 villages in Wada taluka were given training on bamboo handicraft manufacturing. This effort enabled women to work towards a sustainable livelihood beyond farming and meet the needs of their families without having to migrate to the city. After 3 years of rigorous training and development, the community came up with their first product the bamboo rakhi. 

The initiative empowered the community so much, that even during the COVID pandemic of 2020, the villages of Palghar district were able to deliver over 50000 rakhis in 2020 and over 8000 bamboo kandeels over the next 3 years. The product range crossed over 100+ awesome bamboo products across festive, devotional, home, lifestyle and gifting categories. The surprise order of 500 auto rickshaws from the UK was a test of the design capabilities. 

Finally in 2023, on the auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa, our organization was formally registered as an OFPO named the Vikramgad Bamboo Udyog Producer Company Limited. Following this, our brand Bamboo First was launched and our bamboo product store officially launched thereafter. Today we are an aspiring e-commerce brand created by a first-of-its-kind organization in the world – India’s (Bharat’s) first tribal women-led rural agri startup.

Our Vision

"Our vision is the empowerment of our tribal community across the nation by embarking on the path of atmanirbharta."

Our Mission

"Our mission is to provide highly useful bamboo products with human centric designs aligned to the daily lives of our customers."

Our Values

Love and Compassion for the environment

वृक्षवल्ली आम्हा सोयरी वनचरे, पक्षीही सुस्वरे। आळविती।। These words of great Sant Tukaram Maharaj will always evoke our love and compassion for trees and other living beings. 

Empowerment of all

In our mission of atmanirbharta, we aspire and work towards self-reliance of everyone in our community. 

Customer above everyone else

Our customers are living gods and in their well being lies our welfare. We strive to provide them the best quality products that offer them the most optimum lifetime value for money they pay. 

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