Our Products

Our Products

Rakhis crafted for the bonds of sibling love
Diwali lamp kandeels brightening lives of sustainability
Specialized Product Design Auto Rickshaw delivered in 2 months
Range of bamboo products catalogue designed in span of 3 years

Our products

Our products are 100% organic and sourced locally from the farms of Vikramgad and the forests of Sahyadris. We also use high-quality bamboo sourced from Assam for specialized product design. 

The products are sourced after a comprehensive quality evaluation based on the source location by bamboo experts. The available materials are verified for durability, strength and endurance.

Materials thus sourced are stocked at our design studio warehouse at Tetwali and allocated to our team of artisans as and when required for production.

We use highly efficient raw material and inventory management practices that have helped us manage and fulfill mega orders in the past like 150000 rakhis on Raksha Bandhan since 2020, a mega order from the UK for 500 pieces for our Bamboo auto design and over 8000 kandeels so far since 2020.

Our Bestselling Categories

Festive bamboo products

You can find highly exquisite festive product designs in our product store. Some of our best selling products are festive products like bamboo rakhis and kandeels

Bamboo kitchenware

Being a product of nature bamboo kitchenware is highly preferred in food and kitchenware by health conscious people who want to avoid plastic and steelware.

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