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The Vikramgad Bamboo Udyog Producer Company Limited is open to strategic, tactical or social partnerships to drive the adoption of sustainability and promotion of Bamboo First products among families and the new generation. Explore the avenues where we have partnered with leading institutions and celebrities as we look forward to leading the march of sustainability with all sections of society. 

Academic collaboration

VBUPCL is always excited to share their skills and knowledge for the welfare and betterment of educational institutions.

Academic collaboration

Interested institutions can reach out to our team for academic collaborations like group activities, skill workshops, motivational talks, and sustainability projects. 

Business partnerships

Strategic and tactical business partnerships are always welcome for us. We are a young team looking to work closely with industry leaders. 

Business partnerships

Institutions seeking collaborative growth and partnering for success with institutional partnerships, empanelment and other areas of growth opportunities. 

Corporate connect

Corporates inspire us to give our best, be it our products or be it our goals. We look forward to working hand in hand with like-minded corporates. 

Business partnerships

We look forward to working with corporates for workshops and activities. And bamboo first products make for creative gifting ideas during the festive season. 


In recent times we have had the privilege of associating with prominent partners in the course of our business. Listed below are some of our eminent partners. 

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